Small Business Infographics

Small business infographics created by Balboa Capital feature helpful information delivered in a visual way.

united states robotics industry infographic, automation industry infographic
U.S. Robotics Industry Infographic

Facts and figures about the U.S. robotics industry.

history of the sba infographic, about the sba infographic
History of the SBA Infographic

Learn the history of the Small Business Administration.

section 179 vehicles infographic, section 179 vehicle deduction infographic
Section 179 Vehicles Infographic

Learn how Section 179 works with business vehicles.

private label financing infographic, equipment vendor private label financing infographic
Private Label Financing Infographic

Learn how it can benefit your equipment vendor business.

equipment financing versus buying equipment infographic, finance or buy equipment infographic
Financing vs. Buying Equipment Infographic

Compare both options to see what is best for you.

section 179 tax guide
Section 179 Tax Deduction Infographic

The Section 179 deduction limit and related information.